The spiritual life

The spiritual life of Padre Luigi was deep and nourished by simple and essential elements. His theological vision made reference to the theology of kenosis, incarnation of the Son of God, his humiliation and his sacrifice on the cross. He did all he could to live his life based on this truth of faith; he practised humility to the highest degree, being the first to give example, trying to empty himself in everything, giving up all his property, even his clothes. At the end of his life he placed himself under the spiritual guidance of a Sister, asking her to help him win even the last resistance, one that seemed to him a dangerous temptation: the spiritual pride of considering himself a founder.

He wanted to imitate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ by giving his entire life to his neighbour, keeping nothing for himself, mortifying himself constantly till the end. He wanted to become a "copy of Jesus"; he had a great love for the humanity of the Son of God, he felt a strong thirst for God that could be satisfied only in the Eucharist.

He did not disregard the practice of some popular religiosity; one of them was the Communion of Saints, then there was his devotion to an array of saints: from the Blessed Virgin to St. Joseph, St. Luigi to St. Philip Neri, from St. Francis to St. Cajetan of Thiene, to the three saintly Mary’s of the Gospel. His whole life had been like an Oratory shared with all the saints, whose presence he felt as though real.

He has not left writings of great theological value but there are a few personal notes and above all there are numerous letters he wrote to his Sisters encouraging them and guiding their spiritual journey; he instilled in them the depth of his Christian and priestly life. We can perceive in them the essence of his apostolic zeal.

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