A brief history

PadreLuigi (as he is called by his religious daughters) and the firstSistersof Providencelived during averydifficult period of time. In fact, during the 1800, Friuli wasplagued bysocial and political changesandmajorcultural upheavals. In the first70 yearsof that centuryFriuli suffered sevenwars, whichsowedfamineand epidemicssuch as typhoid, plague, cholera, smallpox and tuberculosis; they caused widespreadmisery anddeath.

Padre Luigi belonged to that land, those people, that history and he read the signs of a tormented society; thus chose to dedicate himself entirely to the works of charity. He undertook various initiatives, especially the empowerment of women, providing shelter for numerous needy, poor and/or orphan children, offering them a home and care; gave particular attention to their education and training. He also prepared many a youth in human and professional life, so that they could lead a dignified life.

He was generously present in the emergencies of the city: for the wounded during the wars, abandoned sick and the needy. Such emergencies would later determine further areas of service for his Sisters. Moreover, he did not neglecthelp to other needs that emerged in the city: physical and moral welfare of the people.

All these he did availing himself of the collaboration of some young women, who he trained as teachers and nurses. They would be the future Sisters of Providence, who would carry on, expand and continue, in the course of time, the works of charity begun by him.

Today, the daughters of Padre Luigi, following the footsteps of their founder, work in different parts of the world dedicating themselves to the cause of the poor with love and generosity.

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