The Spirituality

The spirituality of the Sisters of Providence has its roots in the Gospel and is expressed in a pattern that characterizes their life and mission.

Jesus is the centre of their lives and is loved and imitated in the humility and poverty of his incarnation in Bethlehem, in the simple and industrious life at Nazareth, in the complete sacrifice on the cross on Calvary and in the silence of the Eucharist. Jesus said: "Whatever you did to one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it to me" (Mt 25, 40. 45); for this reason, the Sisters are called to dedicate their lives and to serve the lowly, the poor and the suffering with love.

In fact, the practice of Christian charity demands an attitude of concrete faith. It calls for total love and consistency: “Set your heart first on the kingdom and justice of God and all these things will also be given to you” (Mt 6, 33; cf. Lk 12, 31). This is an invitation to work with trust and joy and to dedicate ourselves with courage to love our neighbour, certain that God will provide our needs. In fact, it is the heavenly Father who guides the destiny of every creature on earth, He who cares for the birds of the air and clothes the lilies of the field (cf. Lk 12, 24-28)

Padre Luigi spent long hours in prayer, day and night. He entrusted to the Lord every little seed sown and looked forward confidently to the work of God. He taught the Sisters: "The providence of God is the only source of existence of this Institute. You, in this house, must consider yourself as daughters of Providence, who is your mother, the one who takes care of you at all times, both in good and bad times; abandon yourself always and completely to her".

Thus, a simple and essential way of life was fashioned, which urged for a constant attitude of trustful abandoning to Providence. An abandonment like that of "a child in the arms of its mother, with no other thought than of pleasing God alone, even at the sacrifice of one’s own life."

St. Cajetan of Thiene, the saint of Providence, thus became the patron saint, invoked with faith by the founder and the Sisters and an example of total trust in God: he gave all his possessions and spent his entire life for the incurables and the poor, trusting only in Providence. The Sisters often invoke also the intercession of St. Joseph, considered as the real treasurer of each house of Providence and sure guide on the path towards God.

The closest confidant in the heart of every Sister is always Mary. To her, their sweet mother, thoughtful towards her children, they ask for help in all their needs. They imitate her life of faith, obedience, simplicity and hard work. To her, Mother of divine Providence and humble collaborator in the work of God, they entrust themselves with deep filial devotion.

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