Saint of Providence

The Providence was the faithful companion of Padre Luigi; his final and secure reference. While his beloved and esteemed brother Carlo was alive, Luigi worked under his shadows, efficient in the management of the Home, true social and spiritual animator of the group of women, who had come together to work as volunteers. His brother Carlo died in 1854 and Luigi had to shoulder all the responsibilities of the Home; at this point he decisively took upon himself the spiritual guidance of the Sisters of Providence.

Those were tough years under Napoleonic dictatorship; oppressor and confiscator of the Church property. They were equally bitter even under Austrian Josephism (policies & reforms began by emperor Joseph II [1741-1790] of Austria by which the Church was controlled), which tried to restrict the works of the Church. It was also the time of Italian uprising (for unification) which, after 1866 trod the path of liberalism, strong anti-clericalism and Freemasonry. It was not easy to manage the Home, to feed so many mouths; it was very difficult to safeguard the freedom of education and religion.

The Home lived on charity, even when it was forbidden to beg things on roads and towns. There were times when the Sisters, who worked in the kitchen, were in despair for the lack of alimentary supplies; not even flour for polenta (a yellow cake made of maize flour, in the past it was the food of the poor). Padre Luigi would reassure them and then would go to the church to intercede St. Cajetan and his other saints. After that he would send the Sister to take the flour, which was not there before; but then miraculously it was there and for all. Not just one, but many episodes narrated by the Sisters make us understand the special relationship the saint had with the Providence.

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