India and Africa: new First Professions

On October 5th, the feast of our beloved Fr. Luigi, just as the Synod of Bishops on the faith and the vocational discernment of the young had just began, our Congregation had the joy of welcoming nine professed sisters:
-Four in Togo: Sr. Antoinette Marie, Sr. Christine, Sr. Antoinette Carine, Sr. Juste
-Five in India: Sr. Daphiline, Sr. Gloria, Sr. Mukta, Sr. Martha, Sr. Tresalline
With the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience they publically professed the choice to imitate Christ and to offer themselves to Him, to live the whole life at the service of God and of the brothers and sisters: they are now sisters in the Family of the Sisters of Providence.

The Eucharistic celebration in the novitiate chapel of Lomè (Togo) was presided by a Salesian priest and concelebrated by 16 other priests, along with families, friends and acquaintances of our sisters.
The holy Eucharist in the novitiate of Barrackpore (India) was presided over by the Archbishop of Kolkata, Mon. Thomas D’ Souza and concelebrated by more than 20 priests; and were present numerous relatives and friends too.
The common liturgy on the feast of the founder was the parable of Good Samaritan. The great teaching of Jesus is an invitation to be compassionate and sensitive towards the needy brothers and sisters and therefore, to make of our service a continuous act of love and mercy. And this, in imitation of Fr. Luigi, who was an apostle of compassion and knew how to love and serve the brothers and sisters, because in them he loved and served the person of Jesus.
Flowers, lights, songs and dances were the setting for the party, and external signs of joy that invaded the hearts of the nine sisters and all the guests.

Then they all shared lunch in the simplicity and fraternity of the meeting, wishing the newly professed, a long life of fidelity.

This date will remain in the heart of each one as an unforgettable day, because lived in gratitude, with new zeal and enthusiasm to follow Jesus in the family of Fr. Luigi. They sincerely thank the sisters all over the world for the prayerful support they have experienced on this day.
And we pray for them, asking the Lord to continue to bless them and to give each one the necessary graces, so that they may live their own vocation in the Family of Fr. Luigi, with joy and generosity.


A call and a response to the love of God

On February 10, Sunday, in the provincial house of Cochabamba in Bolivia, with much joy we accompanied our novice, Leonarda Poma, who said her yes to the Lord, pledging to follow Him and to serve Him in His church according to the charism of Fr. Luigi. The Eucharistic celebration in the chapel of St. Mark, was presided over by the parish priest, Fr. Mario Dealarcon, and con celebrated by two other Salesian priests in the presence of family members, friends and acquaintances.

All those who participated in the Holy Mass, received the traditional Bolivian refreshment and the family members together with the sisters and priests shared the lunch in simplicity and fraternity of the meeting.

This feast remains in the heart of Sr. Leonarda as an unforgettable day, because she lived in gratitude with new spirit and enthusiasm in following Jesus in the family of Fr. Luigi.

We sincerely thank the entire Religious Family for the prayers and ask the Lord to continue to bless our Religious Family with new vocations.

                                                                                                                    Province of St. Luigi


You have conquered me, Lord!

On February 3, I pronounced my first vows of chastity, poverty, obedience, in the religious Family of Sisters of Providence, in Brazil.  

The day in which the Lord has consecrated me with an indelible sign: LOVE... as the opening song of the Eucharist said: Behold, one day you have conquered me, Lord, and today in the Eucharist I come to seal this love.  
With a kiss on the Cross I told him: I will give my life to you, and Jesus replied: I first loved you and gave my life for you. It was really a very deep moment! 
I am grateful to God for having counted on me to carry on the mission according to the charism of Father Luigi, our Founder. 
I felt very loved also through the small gestures of love that I received from each sister.
Thanks for the unity in prayer; continue to pray for my fidelity to my Divine Spouse Jesus. 

                                                                                   Sister Tamiris


Following Jesus

On 19 March, the day on which the Church celebrates St. Joseph, protector of our religious Family, in Lomé (Togo) three new young women tookthe vows of poverty, obedience and chastity by committing themselves to living the Rule of life of our Institute, as a journey of holiness in the fulfilment of the mission of charity, entrusted to us by Father Luigi, our Holy Founder.

They are Sister Sonia and Sister Aimée, two young Togolese, and Sister Marthefrom Ivory Coast.

The celebration of religious profession was a beautiful moment of joy, praise and thanksgiving to the Lord who continues to call to follow Him.Family members were present, members of the Scrosoppian Family, their parish communities and many young people who animated the Holy Mass.

At the end of the Eucharistic celebration the provincial superior communicated to the entire assembly the new communities to which they will be belonging and their new mission: Sr. Marthe will be going to Setto in Benin, Sr. Sonia in Anonkoua Kouté in Ivory Coast, and Sr. Aimée at Ahépé in Togo.

We wish each of them a serene and a fruitful mission in the new life situation.


Fascinated by the beauty of Christ

The novice, Tereza Barlescu, made her first religious profession on Saturday, 11 January 2020, during the Holy Mass, celebrated in Iasi, Romania, in the chapel of the "Holy Family" Delegation house. It is a reason for great joy for the whole Delegation, joy intertwined with gratitude towards the Master of the harvest for this generous "Yes", which has become a gift to the religious Family and to the Church. Let us invoke for Sr. Tereza, the gift of fidelity towards the Bridegroom and pray that other young women too, fascinated by the beauty of Christ, will have the courage to listen to His voice and to follow Him.     

Here are the impressions of the 'bride':

At this moment I can only express my gratitude to God who can accomplish, through my smallness, what He wants; I express my gratitude to the religious Family who welcomed me in her womb as a daughter and accompanied my steps throughout the time of formation, guiding me with patience and love towards Jesus and towards the knowledge of the Congregation.

Words are not enough to describe this moment, but I can testify to the great joy, peace and serenity with which the Lord accompanied me in these moments full of emotion, but also of fear in front of the greatness to which He called me.
Aware of my fragility and littleness, I put all my trust in Him who always transforms the impossible into possible.
Recalling that we do not consecrate ourselves either to escape from the world, or to have a more comfortable and peaceful life, but to give ourselves to our brothers and sisters, to bring a ray of light through our presence which is not simply ours, but of God and of the Church, and all we offer is His gift.

"God, who inspired your will and started this good work in you,
carry it out until the day of Christ the Lord, and give you the grace to remain faithful and zealous towards Him."
(From the rite of profession)


The religious Family grows…

MARCH 19, 2022

The religious Family of the Sisters of Providence is celebrating on this day because it celebrates SAINT JOSEPH as its spiritual guide and entrusts itself to him with great love and confidence. Also because thre are new young girls begin or continue their path of formation in religious life.

In Lome, Togo, two novices, Sister Solange Nikuze and Sister Florence Amoussou made their First Profession, committing themselves, for a year, to live in poverty, chastity and obedience.

In Yangon, Myanmar, three postulants, Cecilia Ya Aye, Giovanna Su Su Chit and Rose Mary Kit Mu began their Novitiate.

Also in Yangon, four aspirants, Agnese Ngai Mu, Benedetta Amplate, Cecilia Ling Awi and Maddalena Mar Dar began the first formative period which is the Postulancy.

Let us pray for each of these sisters, invoking on their journey the blessing of the Virgin Mary, Rosa Mystica and Mother of Providence, and the intercession of our Father St. Luigi.

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