You have conquered me, Lord!

On February 3, I pronounced my first vows of chastity, poverty, obedience, in the religious Family of Sisters of Providence, in Brazil.  

The day in which the Lord has consecrated me with an indelible sign: LOVE... as the opening song of the Eucharist said: Behold, one day you have conquered me, Lord, and today in the Eucharist I come to seal this love.  
With a kiss on the Cross I told him: I will give my life to you, and Jesus replied: I first loved you and gave my life for you. It was really a very deep moment! 
I am grateful to God for having counted on me to carry on the mission according to the charism of Father Luigi, our Founder. 
I felt very loved also through the small gestures of love that I received from each sister.
Thanks for the unity in prayer; continue to pray for my fidelity to my Divine Spouse Jesus. 

                                                                                   Sister Tamiris

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