Thank you Sr. Sandra for your visit!

The days which have preceded the arrival of our dear Mother General, Sr. Sandra Del Bel Beluz, were of preparation, of intense prayer and of great joy to welcome her, to know her and finally to be able to communicate with her.

Now the visit is over. Thank you Sr. Sandra for being among us like a mother, teacher and shepherdess. We felt immediately accompanied and united like sisters of the same family of Father Luigi by the gift of your presence. You left the footsteps of God in our hearts and in the hearts of all who have met you. We have shared a lot during this short time and travelled together a piece of road of life, history of unity. We know that the mission that God has given you is great, therefore together with all the lay brothers and sisters who are around us, support you with the prayers.

We wish you to be a true pilgrim of God in the world, spreading peace and joy. We, the sisters of the province of St. Luigi remember you with lots of gratitude.

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