Emotions that are lived!

In the month of January, a group of girls from Vicentino, accompanied by Sr. Marisa Cecchin and Rev. Fr. Pietro Savio, visited the Eternal City of Rome and also our communities.
Here is a short narration of their experience:

There is that one day…prepare the luggage and leave.
It starts immediately. The journey begins when you close the door behind you, when you take the first step into the unknown. Then within 3 hours you find yourself in the middle of unknown roads, landscapes never seen before, but above all to a world of sisters.
It was not a trip like the others. If during other trips I wanted to know other worlds to make new experiences, with this trip I left to search for myself. Rome has always been a dream, even if I only thought I was visiting this city for the first time, much less I thought I had to live for 3 days with the sisters. Leaving and going to the convent at the age of 18? there is little to think about: your way is that.
But fortunately they were not 'ancient' nuns for whom the only thing to do was to pray. They were modern and young sisters. The guide was always a question mark, but thanks to the merciful hands that we are still here! Among the mythical and awaited catacombs, St. Peter’s basilica and the Colosseum, three days have passed with laughter, singing and dancing in our rooms, leaping and screaming.
The day in Casa famiglia,Moncenisio was very profound and meaningful. Very often the value of the family is taken for granted but it is not in reality. We think we can do everything by ourselves, but in reality without concern and relations, we are just a mixture of emotions. These happy children looked for this concern in us. It is difficult to explain in words what you feel because emotions are lived, not told. As a cartoon says "Ohana" means family, and family means that nobody is forgotten or abandoned. The family is a kind of rock, like the nourishment that the plant absorbs through the roots.
After visiting the casa famiglia I wondered how we could not want a child who has been in you for nine months, how can we not love him. People are strange. They say they love each other, but when a sign of their love arrives they refuse it, as if they were not guilty of it. They say they have a conscience and then they behave as if nothing had happened. I often find myself thinking about how lucky I am to have a family with a capital “F”. It is a value for me. I like having someone I can always count on, even though I often do not tell them all about my life. The family gives you a name and roots, an identity, but above all the family has given you Life, and continues to enrich it still today. The family is where respect and love are the foundations, they are those people who, although sometimes you argue, you could not do without them. MARIA

A bag on the shoulder and a great desire to know and enrich myself. These are the elements with which I decided to undertake this journey. I did not know what was expecting me, none of us actually knew it, but we were all sure that we had to find ourselves there. And in those few days we experienced the true meaning of Providence in all senses!! The Sisters of Providence, who have hosted us, have taught us the importance of this word .. I was wrong all those times that in the course of my life I have pronounced the word 'luck' ... it's not about luck ... it's called trust in Providence !! Oh yes, because it does wonderful things, thanks to casa famiglia of Via Moncenisio, 4 has come alive !!
I learned a lot from Moncenisio ... I will never forget the smile of those children and the force that every day the volunteers render ... and I will never forget S .; a girl who knew how to touch my heart with a simple look. I will never forget this experience, I was not there for simple tourism ... something there has made me open my eyes ... I can not say what it was; that was the unconditional trust of the Sisters of Providence? the testimonies of the volunteers ?? Or the smile of children ?? Whatever it is, it has made me more aware that life is not just a gift for ourselves, but a gift to give to others !! Because we, guided by Providence, can be a gift to others. FRANCESCA

This trip to Rome was a combination of experiences and emotions. The thing that I liked the most, and that is also what I brought home, was the welcoming attitude, and the equality in the eyes of God, and the importance of the family of the Sisters of Providence who welcomed us in a special way, making us feel at home, from the first moment, joking, laughing and rejoicing, as if we were a gift. These sisters came from all parts of the world, of different ethnicities and colors, but all with the same purpose, a purpose of love, the love that they found in Jesus, and that I would like to find too. Every minute of their life they are able to entrust themselves to Him, to His love and His miraculous Providence.
In the same way I felt visiting the Casa famiglia where I met other sisters, who literally save life of all the children who live there, in spite of their religion or their state of health, welcome them and give them a home, becoming attached to them , and wanting them so well to let them go, in order to give them the family they never had. Rome is a beautiful city, with a history and an art that struck me a lot, and they opened my eyes. EMMA

The trip to Rome is one of those I will always remember. It was the first time I saw Rome, a beautiful and frenetic city, with a thousand-year history and wonderful works of art, churches, squares, arches, basilicas ... Visiting the catacombs made me realize that the same faith we have today is also that of the Christians of past centuries and this faith has been handed down to us.
The experience of the visit to Casa famiglia, Moncenisio, moreover, was very concrete and touching. The history of this house, all the experiences and the commitment of the sisters and volunteers really impressed me. Staying and playing with the children however made me realize how much help they need.
Even the sisters who hosted us in their home were very welcoming and I liked the fact that each of them had a task and knew exactly what to do. They were tiring days, but fun making, interesting and meaningful. MAGDALENE

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