25 years of fidelity to the fidelity of the Spouse

After 25 years, in an attitude of praise and gratitude, Sr. Benedet has witnessed the same light which represents her following and the adhesion of faith to Jesus; light which has brightened in prayer, in fraternal life and in the apostolic service. In the chapel of our General House in Rome, we joined her in thanking and praising God for her fidelity to the fidelity of the Lord who loved her as unique from all eternity.

Let us pray that the Lord may continue to make her “Yes” fruitful and grant her the grace that her heart desires.

A heartfelt thanks to the celebrant, Rev. Fr. Davide Sciocco, vicar general of PIME, numerous concelebrant priests, our sisters, religious from different congregations, friends and to all those present at this joyous jubilee liturgy.


50 years from the first Yes!

With a heart full of joy and gratitude to God, the entire province of San Geatano joined Sr. Manuela Panni to thank the Lord for His great love for her and for the gift of vocation.
The celebration began on Friday, 6th September, with a vigil prayer, during which Sr. Manuela lit 50 candles and narrated us about her journey of mission during thelong 50 years of her consecrated life.
On Saturday, 7th September, the feast day, we had a beautiful Jubilee Eucharistic celebration with full of significant elements. It was a moment of witness for many people who celebrated this feast with us, in a spirit of fraternity and simplicity.
Let us continue to sing unceasingly the mercy of the Lord, who works wonders in the life of those who give all of themselves for love of Him and of His people.
THANK YOU dear Sr. Manuela, for your testimony, which encourages us to walk in joy and in fidelity to the vocation of the daughters of Father Luigi, animated also by the words of Pope Francis who reminds us that "the Consecrated Life is a precious Gift for the whole Church and for the world, which should not be held only for ourselves, but shared ”. 
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