A happy announcement...

On 5 October, while the Church and our religious Family celebrate the sanctity of our beloved father Luigi, we, the sisters of the province of San Gaetano, had the joy of celebrating the first profession of four sisters: Sr. Epiphanie Baba, Sr. Marie - Reine Kakaoura, Sr. Epiphanie- Reine Kpade and Sr. Benjamine Tchadi. Their "Yes", with full of enthusiasm, filled us with joy and hope in seeing how the sanctity of Father Luigi continues to attract young women in following the chaste, poor and obedient Christ.
Since the tradition in Africa is that every important event is preceded by a vigil, so too, on the eve of the consecration, the sisters of the three Togolese communities, gathered around the four novices. Those moments spent in prayers, singing and sharing the journey made, were intense moments of gratitude and new impetus to follow Jesus in the Family of Father Luigi. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist, in the presence of 10 priests and with the participation of our sisters' family members, friends and acquaintances, was the highlight of the celebration. In the homily, the priest, inspired by the words of Pope Francis for the extraordinary missionary month "baptized and sent", recalled the apostolic legacy of Father Luigi and the sisters who preceded us and invited the newly professed and all those who were present there, to follow their example and not to give in to the modern temptation of the so-called "chronic fatigue", but let ourselves be infected by the sanctity and apostolic zeal of Father Luigi.
Then, in simplicity and joy, the celebration continued with the sharing of lunch and again with songs and dances! We sincerely thank the sisters of the various parts of the world for the prayers and manifestations of affection received in these days and we pray that the Lord will give each one, the graces necessary to live one’s own vocation in fidelity and charity.

Enumerate all the graces that the Lord has given you

On 6 September, with great joy like Mary, I said my YES, trusting and abandoning myself completely in the hands of God.

For me, consecration means a loving response to a God who loved me first... therefore, I want to live my life for my brothers and sisters.

I want to bear witness to the power of the love of the Risen Christ wherever I am, where He himself leads me.

I thank all the sisters who have prayed for my perseverance and I ask that they continue to pray for my faithfulness.

I am happy to be of God and now I belong only to Him! Happy to be a sister of  Providence and a daughter of Father Luigi , remembering always his teaching: 
May everything in us be an act of love, from morning till evening!

                                                                          SISTER VERONCA


Did you call me? Here I am, Lord!


On 15 August 2021, the solemnity of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is marked by entrance to novitiate of five postulants, Bernice, Clémentine, Charlotte, Félicia and Thérèse.
During the short ceremony, a sign that distinguishes this stage of the formative journey was given to them: the crucifix. It is an invitation to conform to the Word of Jesus who asks to always follow Him, even when it can cost sacrifice, and it can only be done with love, as He did. The words of the Father also resounded in the hearts of the five new novices. St. Luigi who urges them to make their love grow for the Lord, by fixing their gaze on the Crucifix.

On 22 August 2021, three young aspirants, Aubine, Nina and Olga, began the first stage of their formation, the postulancy.
This is the stage in which one learns to become a disciple. A disciple is the one who listens to the Master, lets himself be instructed and guided by him; he learns to know his Master better and to love him. For the journey of Aubine, Nina and Olga, the most suitable tool that helps them to become good disciples of Christ is the Word of God that was given to them, together with a medal of Mary, the disciple par excellence, to guide them to his Son Jesus.

On 11 September 2021 was the day of the first profession of Sister Marie Christine and of Sister Marie Sosthène Sévérine.
The ceremony began the previous evening with a vigil that emphasizes the importance of the event: offering of life to the Lord by professing the three vows of chastity, poverty, obedience, before the Church.

On the day of the first profession our tradition of choosing a 'religious surname' that is both an expression of the spiritual experience lived and an orientation for life in the following of Christ, is significant. Sister Marie Christine chose to call herself 'of the love of the Good Shepherd' and Sister Marie Sosthène Sévérine 'of the Divine Will'.
The two newly professed sisters were given the Rule of Life, the text on which they will be called to model their life of fraternity and mission, and the religious habit, a sign of belonging to the religious family.

To the five postulants, Bernice, Clémentine, Charlotte, Félicia and Thérèse, to the three novices, Aubine, Nina and Olga, and to the two newly professed, Sister Marie Christine and Sister Marie Sosthène Sévérine, we wish that they may grow with joy in love of the Lord and in fidelity to His call.

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