Meeting of the general council with the provincial and delegate superiors

On 4 June, the annual meeting of the general council is concluded with the provincial superiors and delegates of the Congregation.

It began on Saturday, 26 May, with a special visit to the Chapel of Redemptoris Mater in Vatican, a singular dip in the history of salvation through the 'reading'(interpretation) and the contemplation of its mosaics. We came out of the Chapel with eyes full of artistic beauty and the heart renewed in faith and in the certainty that our history is truly safe in the powerful hands of God.

On Sunday, 3 June, it is concluded with a visit to the Baths of Caracalla in the centre of Rome and the Villa of the Quintilii, on the Appian Way which is an evidence of a glorious past.

The days spent together were intense with the formative contents we received and the topics dealt with, but made light and pleasant by the climate of simple and free fraternity that characterized our meeting. In the light of the General Chapter, celebrated last year, we have reviewed the guidelines for the entire religious Family and reconsidered the necessary instruments to concretize them in daily life. In dialogue each sister felt involved in the first person, participated in the construction of the common good and was a gift to others.
Now we all rely on the intercession of our Father St. Luigi and we ask Mary, Mystical Rose to bless and support us.

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