In Montevideo: a road opens again!

“The Providence was the only source of sustenance” … in this new beginning of the school “Rosa Mistica”( Mystical Rose) of Montevideo(Uruguay). The sisters of the community affirm it with joy and profound gratitude.

The Providence: manifested through religious Family with its great help, the Christian community and the laity; if they had not been there with their generous work, for us it would have been impossible to start a school which was abandoned in just 22 days.

The Providence: manifested through the province of Brazil, with the presence of Mr. Orlando whose help was indeed very valuable.

The Providence: which surprises us every day with helps come from all sides. We thank the Lord for His continuing loving tenderness towards us.

We announce with joy that on 1st March started our school year, in the presence of Cardinal, Mons. Sturla, Vicar of Education, parish priest and some priests friends. So far the registered children are already a good number from nursery school to class five, elementary, but we hope that it can be still increased.

We can also count on a wonderful teaching team, with much desire to grow and be part of this Family. The teachers are guided by solid educational principles.   

Pope Francis said that to educate is like cultivating, children are sacred soil. And cardinal Martini added that educating is like sowing: the fruit is not guaranteed and is not immediate, but if you do not sow, it is certain that there will be no harvest.

Father Luigi spoke of education of heart and recommended sisters to take care of the children as the pupil of their own eyes!

Let us continue to trust in the Providence and in the prayers of the whole religious Family. Thank you.  

We wish a fruitful school year and a good journey on this new road that opens!

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