Consecrated to God for Life

In the Mother house of Udine, on 19th December 2015, 7 sisters consecrated themselves to God forever through the profession of perpetual vows.

They are: Sr. Shanthi, Sr. Paula, Sr. Benedetta, Sr. Ester, Sr. Maria Bambina, Sr. Maria Goretti and Sr. Maria.

The Archbishop of Udine Mons. Andrea Bruno Mazzocato presided over the celebration and he exhorted the sisters saying; “The region of Friuli is in great need of the gift of your virginity, i.e. of your sacrifice of love for Jesus in offering your entire body, sentiments, affections, instincts and intelligence so that many persons can relish from it, and those who cling on to Christ in this way produces much fruit. This is your secret, the divine strength which comes from the love of Jesus enables you to reciprocate, it gives you the strength to make of your life a living sacrifice gifted to others in charity , till death i.e. without regretting, always.”

And now we share some of their unique and important reflections coming straight from the heart.

“Now I feel like a married woman. I get up in the morning with the thought that my Spouse is close to me. You are enough for me my Jesus.” (Sr. Paula)

I fully take delight in the Lord. Now am fully His and I place myself in his hands, I offer myself forever to Him and ask Him to bless my discipleship journey.” (Sr. Maria)

“I experienced an immense joy. With Mary I sang the Magnificat, because Jesus has accepted this humble servant as His spouse. I am sure that He lives in me and I in Him.” (Sr. Shanthi)

“I thank the merciful God because he has done great things for me, He created me to love Him and He loves me with an everlasting love. I shall love all my brothers and sisters with the tenderness of Jesus.” (Sr. Maria Goretti)

“I feel a real and immense joy; now I am a spouse of Jesus forever who came down even to me to espouse me. I desire to give thanks to all the sisters of the religious family because they have welcomed us with open arms and have accompanied us with their prayers.” (Sr. Maria Bambina)

“Thank you Jesus for your call to love that fills me with joy. I also thank the entire religious family. I want to be a testimony of love in everyday of my life.” (Sr. Ester)

“I decided freely to follow my Spouse Jesus till the end of my life. I thank all sisters here and those in paradise for their prayerful support which strengthened me.” (Sr. Benedetta)

Let us invoke on each of these sisters the blessings of Mary, Mother of Providence and of our beloved Father St. Luigi so that they may watch over their faithfulness and sustain them in their journey.


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