The gift and the joy of fidelity

There were 44 sisters from different countries like, Italy, Brazil, Uruguay, Togo, India, Romania and Myanmar, who in 2020 celebrated the anniversary of their first profession and still enthusiastic about their first 'Yes' that formed their whole life.        
- significant milestone of 25 years of religious life (16 sisters)
- extraordinary, that of 50 years (7 sisters)
- exceptional, that of 60 and 70 years (17 sisters)
- even rarer, that of 75 (4 sisters)  

A memory which, feeding on gratitude, chooses to 'remain' in God's love, offers and prays:
“Lord, my salvation comes from You, my hands are not empty, but full of your grace. My perseverance is a gift from you, from your fidelity and from your mercy. You have given me everything, in your immense gratuitousness. I joyfully repeat my daily yes to you. ".

The individual communities, on various date, gathered around the sisters to celebrate and, through the Eucharistic celebration, to praise the Lord for the wonders He has worked through them in the long years of life.

They also expressed the great affection that unites them and all the gratitude for the good that each one has sown with generous hands, by serving their brothers and sisters and by becoming a sign of God's providence which takes care of the little ones.

The gallery contains some photos of the individual celebrations, but wait to be enriched by many others...

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