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Novitiate: heart of the formative journey

Novitiate: heart of the formative journey
The Novitiate is the beginning of religious life and is placed in the heart of the religious Family; in it the young woman is educated and formed progressively according to the charism.The novice becomes better aware of the divine vocation proper to the Institute and experiences its lifestyle in daily practice.
She forms mind and heart according to the spirit of the Religious Family through knowledge and cordial harmony with the charism of the Founder and, at the same time, she is verified in her intentions and in her suitability ".

This is how the GENERAL TRAINING PROJECT is expressed and this is what is being accomplished for six young people from Myanmar: Agnes, Angela, Christopher, Marta, Pasqualina and Veronica who on the 19th of July started this stage of their training path.

We rejoice with them and ask Maria Rosa Mistica and Father Luigi to accompany them and every day to hold them by the hand and lead them to Jesus.

Last modified on Sunday, 09 August 2020 08:19
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