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Charitable works - Activities

Charitable works - Activities
Every good work, every initiative must be carried out with competence and skill. Is this not perhaps the most realistic way to lend a hand to the Providence, making use of one’s talents and working for the neighbour with heart and intelligence?

Thus, the style that Padre Luigi transmitted to the Sisters is of responsibility, courage, tenderness, trust and joy; it demands generosity of motherhood and humility of the one who expects every gift of life from heaven. It is a breath that involves the whole person in her relationships, in work as well as in simple and complex commitments of every day; joyful or painful. Itis a sure way thatgives concrete shapeto the dreamsand hope. It is the simple way through whichthe daily lifeis enriched byitsspiritual wisdom and by which the prophecy becomes a reality.

It is the spirituality of the Incarnation: therefore the congregation, faithful to the purpose for which it was founded, manifests such spirituality in the following services:
- hospitality and education of children (homes, boardings, nutrition centres, schools)
- education of youth, especially those most in need (vocational training centres, schools)
- service to the sick and the elderly (hospitals, nursing homes, clinics)
- cooperation in the pastoral ministry and in the missionary activity of the Church (catechises, Christian formation)

Implements its work in various countries around the world:
- Europe (Italy, Moldova, Romania)
- Africa (Benin, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Togo)
- South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay)
- Asia (India, Myanmar, Thailand)

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