Presence in the world

The religious Family of the Sisters of Providence participates in the mission of the universal Church and does its work in the service of evangelisation and human advancement wherever the need is greatest.

From the land of Italy, where it was born (1837) and grew, has expanded to other countries.
Today it is present from:
- 1927 in Brazil
- 1929 in Uruguay
- 1973 in Ivory Coast
- 1977 in India
- 1980 in Bolivia
- 1985 in Togo
- 1992 in Romania
- 1998 in Argentina
- 2000 in Moldova
- 2002 in Myanmar
- 2005 in South Africa
- 2005 in Benin
- 2011 in Thailand.


Consecrated to God for Life

In the Mother house of Udine, on 19th December 2015, 7 sisters consecrated themselves to God forever through the profession of perpetual vows.

They are: Sr. Shanthi, Sr. Paula, Sr. Benedetta, Sr. Ester, Sr. Maria Bambina, Sr. Maria Goretti and Sr. Maria.

The Archbishop of Udine Mons. Andrea Bruno Mazzocato presided over the celebration and he exhorted the sisters saying; “The region of Friuli is in great need of the gift of your virginity, i.e. of your sacrifice of love for Jesus in offering your entire body, sentiments, affections, instincts and intelligence so that many persons can relish from it, and those who cling on to Christ in this way produces much fruit. This is your secret, the divine strength which comes from the love of Jesus enables you to reciprocate, it gives you the strength to make of your life a living sacrifice gifted to others in charity , till death i.e. without regretting, always.”

And now we share some of their unique and important reflections coming straight from the heart.

“Now I feel like a married woman. I get up in the morning with the thought that my Spouse is close to me. You are enough for me my Jesus.” (Sr. Paula)

I fully take delight in the Lord. Now am fully His and I place myself in his hands, I offer myself forever to Him and ask Him to bless my discipleship journey.” (Sr. Maria)

“I experienced an immense joy. With Mary I sang the Magnificat, because Jesus has accepted this humble servant as His spouse. I am sure that He lives in me and I in Him.” (Sr. Shanthi)

“I thank the merciful God because he has done great things for me, He created me to love Him and He loves me with an everlasting love. I shall love all my brothers and sisters with the tenderness of Jesus.” (Sr. Maria Goretti)

“I feel a real and immense joy; now I am a spouse of Jesus forever who came down even to me to espouse me. I desire to give thanks to all the sisters of the religious family because they have welcomed us with open arms and have accompanied us with their prayers.” (Sr. Maria Bambina)

“Thank you Jesus for your call to love that fills me with joy. I also thank the entire religious family. I want to be a testimony of love in everyday of my life.” (Sr. Ester)

“I decided freely to follow my Spouse Jesus till the end of my life. I thank all sisters here and those in paradise for their prayerful support which strengthened me.” (Sr. Benedetta)

Let us invoke on each of these sisters the blessings of Mary, Mother of Providence and of our beloved Father St. Luigi so that they may watch over their faithfulness and sustain them in their journey.


170 years ago on Christmas Night

We recall the sweet memory of our first sisters on the Christmas Night 170 years ago, from the biography of Fr. Luigi written by Mons. Biasutti.
Remembering this event, we implore on all of us the intercession of all the sisters who are in paradise so that they may help us to be perseverant and generous in our journey towards sanctity.

On 25th December 1845, the day of the Nativity, fifteen sisters had their vestition. Among the fifteen, eight were foundresses of the 1st February 1837 and seven joined during the year 1837 to 1844. On the same day though, 11 among the fifteen, did not make the Vows, they took a firm decision with all their heart to observe the three evangelical vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

Even if they did not make their vows on 25th December, father Luigi considered that day as the official day of their profession.

Eight among the eleven were choristers  : Lucia De Giorgio, Caterina Cortelazzis, Margherita Gaspardis, Teresa Fabris, Rosa Molinis, Felicita Calligaris, Giovanna colloredo and Christina Borghese. The other three were lay sisters: Orsola Baldasso, Maddalena Morassi and Giovanna Maria. Lucia De Giorgio was assigned as the temporary superior but she remained as the superior till 1848; and the Cortelazzis was the Assistant superior.

The office of the superiorship was temporary because it was just an experiment for the new congregation but it turned out successful. A great zeal penetrated this small group and a vigorous joy and unity reinforced them.

The humble beginning of this new congregation was attributed to father Luigi ,who as we have mentioned, was always occupied with the spiritual aspects of the congregation, in order to form the sisters according to the Spirit of Jesus Christ. At the same time a immense admiration was rendered to the new superior Sr. Lucia De Giorgio.


SANIS, newly opened on Indian soil

11th April 2016 was yet another remarkable day in the life of St. Joseph Province India. The entire religious family just celebrated the bicentenary of the humble beginning of the House of Derelicts, with a deep sense of gratitude and   wonder for the magnanimous ways the providence is guiding our journey. Today was yet another surprise revelation of the risen Lord to lead us to another reality to be the sign and instrument of His Providence. St. Joseph Province India gave birth to its 16th community.

St. Peter’s Parish Sanis is in the Diocese of Kohima Nagaland. It is a remote village with a slowly rising population. The inhabitants mainly belong to Naga Lotha tribe. They depend upon the primitive way of agriculture , mainly paddy and economically poor. These simple yet God fearing people can only claim as their own is their simple faith in God and the hope that the missionaries can bring positive changes in their lives and situation.

Rt. Rev. Mckenna Bishop of Barthurst, Australia, the chief guest of the day, blessed and inaugurated the convent, in the presence of Rt. Rev. Dr. James Thoppil, Bishop of Kohima, and Rev. Sr. Thresiamma Karottuthazhath SdP, the Provincial Superior and many fathers and sisters, students, parishioners and well wishers. In his inaugural address the Bishop of Barthurst said that the realization of this mission is an explicit sign of singing the sweet symphony of the risen Lord together as a Church and Joining hands together for the establishment of God’s Kingdom. He invoked God’s blessing up on all the sisters who are going to render their service in that parish, the pastor and all the faithful.

Rt. Rev. James Thoppil in his address appreciated the sisters for accepting to come and work in that remote village in spite of a lot of inconveniences and hardships. Rev. Sr. Thresiamma the Provincial Superior thanked the Bishop for having trust in us to entrust us this mission to Sisters of Providence and offering us all the help and support. She also thanked the Bishop of Barthurst, for the help he extended in realizing this mission especially for the beautiful convent building. She exhorted the Sisters to be a sign of Providence and charity to the people of Sanis according to the charism of St. Luig our founder and mission of the Sisters of Providence. She also conveyed the cordial greetings of Mother Esther, our Superior General to all. And thanked her predecessor Sr. Rosalina Myppan during whose mandate the agreement was made between the diocese and the religious family.

The school students and the parishioners expressed their gratitude and love to all those present there through a short well animated cultural programme.

Srs. Lissy Pathinachiparambil, Vinita Tirkey, Presita Marak and Loliosa Konglah constitute the community. St. Peters Convent Sanis is the sixth community in North East India and the third community in the diocese of Kohima. In the evening in a short family gathering Sr. Thresiamma installed Rev. Sr. Lissy Pthinachiparambil as the first animator of St. Peter’s Convent Sanis .


The yes to God repeated for 25 years…

The 5th of November a day on which the church of Brazil celebrates the feast of everyone.

We, Sisters of the Province "Nossa Senhora Aparecida" met around the Eucharistic Table to praise God for the 25 years of his fidelity in guiding, day by day, Sr. Pushpa and Sr. Moly in the path of Religious Consecration and also to thank Him for their daily 'yes' to the Lord through the service of their brothers and sisters.
We had the joy of having our Archbishop, Dom Julio Endi Akamine, who presided over the Holy Eucharist and who helped us reflect on the saints, icon of the incarnate Word of God, and on the beauty of consecrated life, in which God takes the initiative to consecrate ourselves for Himself and gives us the grace to consecrate ourselves to Him.

On this feast day we also had the joy of having Sr. Sandra, the superior general, in whose presence we felt the communion with the religious family more alive. Sr. Pushpa and Sr. Moly have been missionaries in Brazil for five years; in fact, they left their beloved India to announce and witness the Gospel of charity in Brazil.

Dearest Sisters, we bless the Lord for the wonders He has accomplished in and through your life given for the Kingdom of God. We wish you a long life of commitment and generous giving, with all the graces of the Divine Spouse Jesus.

Sisters of the province of Brazil – Provincial House/Sorocaba



A community which opens the doors for the youth.

On 12th November, an interesting vocation camp took place in the community of Atibaia, in Brazil. We welcomed 6 girls prepared to live one day together with us for a brave experience of life. After a moment of welcoming which helped them feel at ease, we created some dynamics to facilitate integration between them. For the personal reflection a provocative theme has been proposed, through which each has been invited to become aware of the "thirst" that it carries within itself.

During the moments of Eucharistic adoration we have meditated together the Gospel passage where Jesus encounters the Samaritan woman (Jn.4: 1-42) the youth spent a significant moment of prayer guided by some questions which helped them to open up to the reality of the gospel in the life of each one; we shared the resonances and, later, to express better this experience and to bring home a beautiful memory of the lived experience, the young people received a clay pot to color, expressing with their colors, their research and even some answers "Find" during the Eucharistic adoration.

After watching the film on the life of Saint Barbara, we considered the theme of the Christian vocation and the testimony of this young - like them - who lived her Yes to God to the last consequences, paying the price of life. At the end of the day, one could feel the joy and satisfaction of each one, together with the desire to realize a path of discernment on one's own vocation.

We raise our gratitude to God for having used us like simple instruments to announce His Word and His call to every youth: the project of love is in His hands!

                                                                                                                     Community of Atibaia


Francis: First Pope in Myanmar

We all feel united with the sisters in Myanmar who in these days live the unique experience of having Pope Francis “at home”! it is the first time ever in the history, a Pope visits this nation.

All our communities have prepared for this event with lively involvement and gathered together in Yangon to welcome him with the joy of dance and the beauty of their characteristic costumes.

Together with this young church we pray so that this may be a journey of hope and of providence, which marks a fruitful stage in the country’s journey towards harmony, love and peace.


Thank you Sr. Sandra for your visit!

The days which have preceded the arrival of our dear Mother General, Sr. Sandra Del Bel Beluz, were of preparation, of intense prayer and of great joy to welcome her, to know her and finally to be able to communicate with her.

Now the visit is over. Thank you Sr. Sandra for being among us like a mother, teacher and shepherdess. We felt immediately accompanied and united like sisters of the same family of Father Luigi by the gift of your presence. You left the footsteps of God in our hearts and in the hearts of all who have met you. We have shared a lot during this short time and travelled together a piece of road of life, history of unity. We know that the mission that God has given you is great, therefore together with all the lay brothers and sisters who are around us, support you with the prayers.

We wish you to be a true pilgrim of God in the world, spreading peace and joy. We, the sisters of the province of St. Luigi remember you with lots of gratitude.


Spouse of Christ forever

First of all we would like to thank God for His great goodness towards each one of us on the day of our “Yes forever”.
The joy we shared with our family and with our Religious family was indeed great.
Thank you so much for all the resources we have received for our growth from our religious Family during the preparation.
Thanks a lot for the gift of the Sisters of Providence.
Thanks to all the sisters in different parts of the world for the unity of prayer and for having welcomed us forever as members of this wonderful Family.

Thanks to each one of you.
We humbly ask you to accompany us with your prayers so that we may be able to live everyday as true daughters of Fr. Luigi in the availability to the Will of God.

sr. Cecilia Bu Mi, sr. Elizabetha Be Ta, sr. Maria Assunta, sr. Maria Ne Co, sr. Monica MayThu


January 15: Festival of Rosa Mystica

According to the history of the time, we know that on January 15, 1737, and then for several days, the statue of "Maria Rosa Mystica sweated and prodigiously moved her eyes".
The voice of the prodigy and of the graces obtained by the people who addressed her in their needs, immediately spread around, attracting at the feet of the Virgin an uninterrupted flow of faithful from various locations in Friuli. It continued more than a century, while the statue received a particular location in the Church of St. Catherine, later called "Santuario Rosa Mistica", which was restored and embellished over time, until it assumed its current appearance.

The Sisters of Providence in January 23, 1866, came to Cormones accompanied by their founder St. Luigi Scrosoppi.
The chronicles affirms that on January 15, 1890 the first feast of Rosa Mystica had been celebrated accompanied by a tridum of prayers, preaching and administration of the sacrament of confession. The chronicles says “we all were happy to see the beautiful feast and the great demonstrations of affection which the Cormonesi testify to Rosa Mystica.
The same chronicles of 1892 underlines the feast of Rosa Mystica as a precious occasion to foster in the faithful the devotion to Mary and for a spiritual renewal, also through the tridum of preaching and availability for confessions.

The same chronicle states: "Also this year the Cormonesi were distinguished by piety and devotion and were also generous with candles, because the altar of the prodigious effigy seemed dressed in the sun, so many were the lights that embellished it!"                                  

In 1898 it is stated that there were so many people so that the Sisters were busy to call priests for confessions, "in our Church there were six confessors and seven in the Duomo".The previous year, as the immediate result of the tridum in which the preacher had strongly recommended participation in the Sacraments, especially to men and young people, the priests"hadto hear confessions until midnight on Saturday and, if there were as many confessors, they all would have done it “.

Over time the tridum was extended to embrace six days and then eightas itis in current situation, thus becoming the "Octave of the Mystical Rose".Even today this period is expected and attended by the faithful of the parishes of the DeaneryofCormònsand other neighbors, each of which is organized with moments of prayer, confessions and Eucharistic celebrations.

Even our Community, gathered at the feet of Maria Rosa Mistica during the entire Octave, reserves the time of prayer in which the community entrusts to the Blessed Virgin the needs of the religious Family, of the Church, of benefactors, of the people who recommend themselves to our prayers and of the whole world.

With the words of a song composed in honor of Rosa Mistica by the Friulian composer NarcisoMiniussi, we all turn to Maria:

In the great garden created by God
themost beautiful flower, Maria, it's you.
You are Mystical Rose, which spreads over the world
sweetscent of excellent virtue.
Oh! Mystical Rose, clementintercede
forus sinners You with the Lord.
Listen to the pleas of supplications, o Mother,
of thechildren who afflicted, turn to You.

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