Love always calls love

September 8, 1967 - October 8, 2017

On the day in which you celebrate the joyful commemoration of 50 years of your Religious consecration in our religious family , with you dear Sr. Sofia, we magnify the Lord for the great things He has accomplished in and through your life, in the day today service to the brethren.

We wish you an ever more intense experience of Jesus' Love that repeats to you: ”Love me and let me love you”.
And you know that “Love always calls love!”

So that you will continue to be still a spouse for many years, a mother, a faithful and joyful sister according to the wish of Fr. Luigi.

We invoke God’s abundance of blessings upon you.


A new Province is born...

The best date was chosen for the official beginning of the new Province of Europe: 1st February which commemorates the beginnings of our religious Family in 1837, and which reminds us of the generosity of the first nine sisters who chose to serve Jesus Christ in the person of the needy children of the House of Derelicts in Udine.    The 12 communities of the Province of Italy and the 3 communities of the Delegation of Romania and the Republic of Moldova are now united in a single Province called ‘FAMIGLIA DI NAZARETH’ which can count on the wealth of 108 sisters.

The sisters, called to the government and animation of the new province for the three-year period 2020-2023, are:
Sr. DOMITILLA NOSELLA: provincial superior 
Sr. BETTY SLAWIK: provincial vicar 
And the Councillors are:

We entrust the steps of this new reality, which we desire precisely as beautiful and holy as the Family of Nazareth, to Jesus, Mary and Joseph, who formed a particular family here on earth, rich in love and holiness.
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