Novitiate: heart of the formative journey

The Novitiate is the beginning of religious life and is placed in the heart of the religious Family; in it the young woman is educated and formed progressively according to the charism.The novice becomes better aware of the divine vocation proper to the Institute and experiences its lifestyle in daily practice.
She forms mind and heart according to the spirit of the Religious Family through knowledge and cordial harmony with the charism of the Founder and, at the same time, she is verified in her intentions and in her suitability ".

This is how the GENERAL TRAINING PROJECT is expressed and this is what is being accomplished for six young people from Myanmar: Agnes, Angela, Christopher, Marta, Pasqualina and Veronica who on the 19th of July started this stage of their training path.

We rejoice with them and ask Maria Rosa Mistica and Father Luigi to accompany them and every day to hold them by the hand and lead them to Jesus.


A new step in the Formative journey

Today, together with the Blessed Virgin Mary who marveled at the works of God, we too, the Sisters of Providence in India, are marveled at the wonderful works of God. The nativity of Mary our mother is a remarkable day for our Family. On this auspicious day, our postulants, Badashisha, Dimrella, Larisha, Salomi, Sunita and Sylvia and our candidates Anjeli, Jennifer, Kushbu, Shanjulo began their Novitiate and postulancy respectively .

We had beautiful moments of prayer in the formation community, together with our sisters from provincialate house. It was a very joyous day for our congregation especially for our province. We thank God for the gift of these sisters and we wish them that they may remain ever faithful to God’s call. We pray that this new and important step in their formative journey, may be a time to grow in personal and intimate relationship with Jesus through daily meditation of the Word of God and a life centered on Jesus in the Eucharist.

May Fr. Luigi be their model in following Christ and Mary, our Mother teach them to love her Son, Jesus with an undivided heart, and may they accompany them to help them to taste the joy of following Christ. It was indeed a memorable day to cherish, a moment of grace which filled the atmosphere with gratitude, praise and thanksgiving to God the Almighty. We too remember with gratitude, each and every sister of Providence, who accompanied us with their prayers.
Thank you!


Entrance to postulancy and novitiate

Entrance to postulancy

On 15th August, the date of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, our Province of Africa welcomed five new postulants into the novitiate: Bernice, Charlotte, Clementine, Felicia and Teresa. 
The ceremony began in the afternoon. It was highlighted with the liturgy of the Word, the awarding of the medal, thanksgiving and consecration to the Virgin Mary. In fact, the Provincial, Sister Anastasie , invited the young postulants to let themselves be led by the Virgin Mary towards her Son Jesus and also towards Saint Luigi, their Father, elder brother and friend, in other words to open themselves totally to him. Inebriated with joy, on the dance steps, the young postulants gave thanks to God by singing the Magnificat.  

Before concluding the ceremony, Bernice , Charlotte, Clementine, Felicia and Teresa were welcomed by the young women in formation, the novices, who offered them passion fruit as a symbol; with this gesture, the novices invited these postulants to extend their charity towards all without exception, especially in fraternal life, in the way in which the passion fruit tree embraces everything it finds on its way.

Entrance to novitiate

On 7th September 2020Martine Coulibaly and Nicole Ménam entered the novitiate. The celebration began at 11 am with the sign of the cross made by the Provincial, Sr. Anastasie MOKLI, followed by an opening prayer. The celebration continued normally with the rites of entrance to the novitiate, first of all with Psalm 62 and the Gospel according to St. John 3, 1-8 chosen by the pre-novices. The provincial asked future novices to freely express their wishes. They personally expressed the request to be admitted to the novitiate. The Provincial received and welcomed them, entrusting them to our Father Luigi and to the formator Sr. Germaine, exhorting them to allow themselves to be formed by her with the help of the Holy Spirit and through the intercession of the Virgin Mary and Fr Luigi. 

The novices, Martine and Nicole, presented the symbol of light that they chose as a model to follow and to imitate with its qualities during their journey of this new stage of the novitiate. They want to contaminate those around them with their human warmth, their joy and by the grace of God, they will try to give a good witness through their life. 

After the thanksgiving of the new novices, as usual, those of the 2nd year welcomed them with a symbol of vine and the branch, recommending them to try to remain in the Lord as the branches are united to the vine because without Jesus we can do nothing. This beautiful ceremony ended by singing Angelus and praising God as a sign of gratitude and thanksgiving for all His benefits in our Religious Family. 


Did you call me? Here I am, Lord!


On 15 August 2021, the solemnity of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is marked by entrance to novitiate of five postulants, Bernice, Clémentine, Charlotte, Félicia and Thérèse.
During the short ceremony, a sign that distinguishes this stage of the formative journey was given to them: the crucifix. It is an invitation to conform to the Word of Jesus who asks to always follow Him, even when it can cost sacrifice, and it can only be done with love, as He did. The words of the Father also resounded in the hearts of the five new novices. St. Luigi who urges them to make their love grow for the Lord, by fixing their gaze on the Crucifix.

On 22 August 2021, three young aspirants, Aubine, Nina and Olga, began the first stage of their formation, the postulancy.
This is the stage in which one learns to become a disciple. A disciple is the one who listens to the Master, lets himself be instructed and guided by him; he learns to know his Master better and to love him. For the journey of Aubine, Nina and Olga, the most suitable tool that helps them to become good disciples of Christ is the Word of God that was given to them, together with a medal of Mary, the disciple par excellence, to guide them to his Son Jesus.

On 11 September 2021 was the day of the first profession of Sister Marie Christine and of Sister Marie Sosthène Sévérine.
The ceremony began the previous evening with a vigil that emphasizes the importance of the event: offering of life to the Lord by professing the three vows of chastity, poverty, obedience, before the Church.

On the day of the first profession our tradition of choosing a 'religious surname' that is both an expression of the spiritual experience lived and an orientation for life in the following of Christ, is significant. Sister Marie Christine chose to call herself 'of the love of the Good Shepherd' and Sister Marie Sosthène Sévérine 'of the Divine Will'.
The two newly professed sisters were given the Rule of Life, the text on which they will be called to model their life of fraternity and mission, and the religious habit, a sign of belonging to the religious family.

To the five postulants, Bernice, Clémentine, Charlotte, Félicia and Thérèse, to the three novices, Aubine, Nina and Olga, and to the two newly professed, Sister Marie Christine and Sister Marie Sosthène Sévérine, we wish that they may grow with joy in love of the Lord and in fidelity to His call.

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