50 years from the first Yes!

With a heart full of joy and gratitude to God, the entire province of San Geatano joined Sr. Manuela Panni to thank the Lord for His great love for her and for the gift of vocation.
The celebration began on Friday, 6th September, with a vigil prayer, during which Sr. Manuela lit 50 candles and narrated us about her journey of mission during thelong 50 years of her consecrated life.
On Saturday, 7th September, the feast day, we had a beautiful Jubilee Eucharistic celebration with full of significant elements. It was a moment of witness for many people who celebrated this feast with us, in a spirit of fraternity and simplicity.
Let us continue to sing unceasingly the mercy of the Lord, who works wonders in the life of those who give all of themselves for love of Him and of His people.
THANK YOU dear Sr. Manuela, for your testimony, which encourages us to walk in joy and in fidelity to the vocation of the daughters of Father Luigi, animated also by the words of Pope Francis who reminds us that "the Consecrated Life is a precious Gift for the whole Church and for the world, which should not be held only for ourselves, but shared ”. 

Your Word is a lamp for my steps - Psalm 119

This is the phrase that has accompanied our dear Sr. Dores in the celebration of her  50 years of consecratio . In fact, in simplicity and in the light of His Word, on Sunday, 11th September, together with some lay people, we gathered around Sr. Dores to celebrate and to give thanks to the Lord for these 50 years of graces and blessings.  

On Saturday evening we gathered for a moment of prayer during which Sr. Dores has given us a beautiful testimony of life.
Testimony made with such simplicity and naturalness that almost no longer needed words, the mere presence of Sr. Dores spoke about her great love for Christ and for the mission.

During the homily of the holy Mass, the celebrant, immediately noticed the simplicity of Sr. Dores , adding that, if the participation in this celebration were allowed free, the Lomé stadium could not even contain all the people: both lay people, priests, nuns, and children, young and old, all people to whom the Lord has made himself close and manifested through the love and donation of Sr . Dores during these 50 years of consecration.

Great was our joy in giving thanks to the Lord for having sent Sr. Dores, almost 50 years ago here in Africa, and for having made her such a humble instrument of his Providence for all of us.

To you, Lord, our praise and our gratitude for your strong and faithful love that accompanied Sr. Dores up to this point; we entrust her to you again, so that you may continue to be the light for her steps and the joy of her heart.

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