The memory of a friend and brother

In the period that preceded the canonization of Fr. Luigi, the Sisters of Providence of Bolivia who were preparing to celebrate the holiness of Fr. Luigi, sought a person who knew the Italian language well to translate the Father's works into Castilian. The Salesians of the parish helped to find out a good translator in the person of Mr. Leonel Camacho, a university professor who had studied at the Pontifical University, St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome.

Leonel immediately started the work and, after having known the spirit and the charism of Fr. Luigi, he felt a great love for his life and his example born in him. He thus became a devoted propagator of his charisma and of his precious intercession with God. He felt that his life had changed and that even the way of thinking was no longer what it was before. He reaffirmed his admiration for Fr. Luigi by adopting him as the patron saint of his family.

On 10 June, 2001, he participated in the canonization of Fr. Luigi; with great enthusiasm he accompanied the Bolivian group. On his return from Rome, he began with the sisters to direct and train a group of lay people of the 'Family of Providence'. He wanted to talk about the life of the saint, even to the group of students of the SAR (search and rescue) of the "Bolivian air force" and in collaboration with the captain Guzmann, he built a capital with the statue of Fr. Luigi to be revered in that place . He always brought with him pictures and medals of Fr. Luigi and talked about him to all the people he knew: his students, his colleagues, the doctors and nurses, the taxi drivers, convinced that every moment was a good opportunity to transmit the teachings of his holy protector.

As a group of the laity of Bolivia, we thank God for putting a true witness to the Gospel on our journey. With his example of life he helped us to know and understand the spirit of Fr. Luigi. He told us with simplicity the facts of the life of the Father and encouraged us to live his virtues, above all charity and trustful abandonment in Providence, to transmit the charism with pride and firmness, to renounce ourselves so that others may be happy, not to neglect the recitation of the rosary, 'because it is a powerful weapon'.

During his illness, sustained by the hand of God and Fr. Luigi and above all by his great faith, he maintained an admirable strength until the last day of his earthly life, when, on 2 May 2018, the Lord called him to His presence. "Mission accomplished" were his last words.

Leonel, you left for the meeting with God, with Fr. Luigi whom you loved so much, with Sr. Celestina and Enzo, with all the people who remind you of helping them to know God and Fr. Luigi. We, group of the Scrosoppian laity of Bolivia, are very grateful to you for the treasure that you have sown in us!

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