I was a refugee and you helped me

This short article adds only a small drop to the 'sea' of information that the media provide us in this period, letting us know the tragic situation of our Ukrainian brothers and sistes, tormented by war.
The Congregation is present in Eastern Europe with a community in Chișinău and with three communities in Romania. They are the sisters closest to the land of Ukraine, and they are the ones who came directly to the aid of the brothers and sisters in need. The sisters of the community of Chișinău (Republic of Moldova) welcomed the first refugees on 27th February in the two structures of the Diocese, the 'House of Providence' and the 'Centro Fides', and continue to do so until today, helped by local staff and volunteers who are available and generous and by friends and benefactors, including the parents of the children who attend the nursery school and who have shown great sensitivity and readiness in giving their help. They have already been able to receive precious aid from Germany and very soon they will also receive it from Italy, the fruit of the solidarity of the pupils of our schools, together with their families and many other friends. We extract some expressions from the communication that the sisters sent us: "...
Frightened, confused and disoriented, in a new land ... hours of road without luggage and without news of loved ones: children, mothers, fathers, elderly .. . the war has destroyed their homes and their lives ... disfigured by fatigue and weakness ... broken hearts, tearful eyes and so much, so much suffering ... These people can no longer say: "I'm going home" and who knows how long will pass before being able to repeat again: “I'm finally at home.”
But here among us, they found a welcoming, peaceful, warm and well-prepared environment especially for them: comfortable and clean beds, tidy clothes, food but above all they found sisters who welcomed them with open arms: we wiped away tears, listened to the anguish of mothers, supported the shaky legs of the elderly, gave back smiles to the children ... We want to believe and hope that one day true peace will come! We will build it all together through goodness and love ... "

The sisters of the community of Iași (Romania) on 5 March, together with the team of doctors, two parents and two teachers met at the border with Ukraine with the volunteers of an Association of young people who decided to stay in Ukraine to help compatriots, with two minibuses loaded with medicines and medical supplies. They were supported by the innocent prayers of the kindergarten children. Here is part of their story: "...
We met in the green zone, in Ukrainian territory, where only humanitarian convoys have access. There, among tears, sobs, hugs, we shifted all the load, in their minibuses.

The people on the flee were along a fenced path and immediately we opened the doors of the van and we started distributing duvets, because the cold and the sleet penetrated to the bone, biscuits, croissants and what the parents had prepared. In their eyes we read a great desire, that neither the cold, nor the concern of family members who remained in Ukraine, nor the uncertainty of what they were going to meet, could make them die: it was the hope of entering a new solidarity land. The dismay is enormous, the fear accompanies everyone, the anger for people who suffer unjustly grows day by day, and it doesn't seem true that all this is really happening ... " If the help offered by the sisters of Moldavia and Romania can be considered small in the face of the vastness of needs, their hearts are great and generous, our fraternal and warm closeness, our unceasing prayer, our unshakeable trust in Providence, our sincere gratitude to them and to all those who help them.

Se desideri contribuire alla raccolta di aiuti per l'Ucraina, puoi riferirti al sito PROGETTI DELLA PROVVIDENZA - pagina facebook o al sito SOLIDARMONDO. Grazie per la tua generosità. Dio ti benedica! ♥

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