MISTICAL ROSE news: 10-17 January 2021

This year, during the celebrations of the Octave of Mystical Rose, we wanted to give importance to an anniversary that is not negligible for us: the 90th anniversary of the coronation of Mystical Rose.
And so, one day, the statue of Mary, Mystical Rose, from her Sanctuary was taken to the Cathedral of Cormons. The "pilgrimage" took place in a completely confidential way and with its own means. A group of volunteers climbed up to the throne from where she looks at us lovingly and slowly they brought "Mary back to earth". Really exciting moment! Our Lady left the Shrine, singing Ave Maris Stella, just like when our missionaries left for the mission, and by the festive sound of the bells of the Shrine from which she left and of the Cathedral that welcomed her.
In a close up view, we all noticed her smiling expression on her face.
Placed in the Cathedral, it constantly had the honour guard ensured by voluntary associations. Praying the holy Rosary and the celebration of the Eucharist in every hour, attracted so many people and families and they lived these moments with particular devotion. The prayer in front of this image is so dear to the people of the parishes.
At the conclusion of the Octave, the prayer of entrustment to Mary, composed for the occasion by the parish priest, Mons. Paolo Nutarelli, was significant, which echoed in the Cathedral: "... so that Mary, in this time of pandemic, may comfort those who mourn their dead, support those who are anxious for sick people and for those who are anxious about the economic and employment crisis. The invocation continued praying that this hard trial may end and a horizon of hope and peace will return. Special protection was requested for doctors, health personnel and volunteers who are on the front line, and also for families, young people and children.
Returning to the Shrine, the statue was carried in procession along the corridors of the old age Home so that our Mother, Mystical Rose, was venerated and prayed closely by the sisters, the sick and elderly guests: tears of joy and of emotion that many of them have poured out are a sign of the extraordinary nature of what each one has lived in the depths of the soul.
The Octave was concluded by Solemn Vespers and Our Lady was placed high up, in her niche, so that she may continue to watch over us, the people of Cormons and all those who love to venerate Mary, as Mystical Rose and Mother of Providence.

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