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Enumerate all the graces that the Lord has given you

Enumerate all the graces that the Lord has given you

On 6 September, with great joy like Mary, I said my YES, trusting and abandoning myself completely in the hands of God.

For me, consecration means a loving response to a God who loved me first... therefore, I want to live my life for my brothers and sisters.

I want to bear witness to the power of the love of the Risen Christ wherever I am, where He himself leads me.

I thank all the sisters who have prayed for my perseverance and I ask that they continue to pray for my faithfulness.

I am happy to be of God and now I belong only to Him! Happy to be a sister of  Providence and a daughter of Father Luigi , remembering always his teaching: 
May everything in us be an act of love, from morning till evening!

                                                                          SISTER VERONCA

Last modified on Tuesday, 22 September 2020 19:49
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